‘Quit smoking, start vaping and save your life’

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Swap to e-ciggies and save your life. The Electronic-Cigarette Association of SA, which represents importers and manufacturers of e-cigarettes, is urging smokers to switch from lighting-up to “vaping”. E-cigarettes are battery-operated inhalers that deliver a hit of vaporised nicotine without burning tobacco – the cause of most lung cancers. On Saturday, the association erected a […]

Health officials bust vendors, promoters at N.J. e-cigarette convention for indoor vaping

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“Vape Expo NJ” this weekend drew roughly 1,200 vendors and electronic cigarette enthusiasts, as well as local and county health officials who fined the expo hall manager, the event promoters and about 40 sellers for violating the state’s indoor smoke-free air law. By Saturday evening, the Edison Health Department had cited the New Jersey Convention […]

E-cigarette vapour has NO toxic effect and is as safe as AIR, shock study claims

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Tobacco giant uses smoking robot and human lung cells to test the health risks of ‘vaping’ – with astonishing results Electronic cigarettes pump out vapour which has NO toxic effect on the cells found in human lungs, scientists have claimed. Fresh research funded by British American Tobacco has suggested inhaling nicotine vapour could be as […]

EDITORIAL: E-cigs aren’t the real thing

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Electronic cigarettes are not tobacco products. While there is mixed evidence as to the short- and long-term health effects of e-cigarette use and exposure to vapors emitted by the devices, the devices do not contain tobacco. Yet earlier this month, the California Senate voted 25-12 to expand existing definitions of “tobacco product” to include e-cigarette […]

House Bill Aims for Less E-Cigarette Regulation

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House Republicans are pushing to ease proposed government regulations for companies that sell e-cigarettes and other new tobacco products, a move that Democrats charge could lead to unsafe products on the market. A spending bill approved by a House subcommittee Thursday would prevent the Food and Drug Administration from requiring pre-market reviews of e-cigarettes that […]